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More about the Liahona Self-Reliance Foundation

Organized in 2000, the Liahona Self-Reliance Foundation has been designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization dedicated to improving the employability and the earning capacity of low income individuals through a variety of means such as:
  • providing tuition and meeting other costs of education and skill training,
  • work clothing, tools for work and school, and
  • providing transportation to school and places of employment.
The foundation pursues a gap-filling approach, helping applicants seek other sources of assistance such as
  • Pell Grants,
  • Vocational Rehabilitation,
  • Work Force Investment Act Enrollment,
  • Deseret Industries Training Grants, and then
  • providing funding for those in need but not eligible for other assistance. 
Every dollar donated to the Liahona Self-Reliance Foundation is used to provide employability development to its targeted audience. The foundation has no employees and all expenses are personally met by its trustees who are also personal contributors to the foundation’s mission. Therefore, every contributor can be assured that every dollar donated will be spent in pursuit of the foundation’s reason for being.

Please contribute to this important cause.